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Yin yoga to calm the mind

Yin YogaThe practice of yin yoga is one of deep surrender.

Saying that yin is the sister to our active flow practice where we work with the deeper tissues of the body is just the beginning of defining the enormous benefits of a regular yin yoga practice.

As mamas, we spend most of our days in a ‘yang’ style energy but we know it’s important to take time out for ourselves and yin yoga is a way for us to practice self care, providing physical, mental, emotional and energetic benefits.

A recurring theme in all of my yin classes is to invite students into a space that allows them to explore becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable. Because during a yin yoga class we hold the postures for 3-5 mins, we experience a plethora of sensations in our bodies and thoughts in our minds.

Our challenge is how we lean into those feelings & sensations and rise above them. Being that we hold the postures for an extended period of time, we are afforded the luxury of diving deep into self and seeing how we can create a practice that feels nourishing & supportive.

If we think about just how much time we have as mothers to mentally switch off it’s very little. Even when we are sleeping there is an intuitive ‘awake’ state that allows for us to easily be woken if our children are in need.

Many of us have come accustomed to living this way out of habit. The great news is that it is a habit that can be broken. When we practice yin yoga, there will be urges to fidget and shuffle around, adjust your clothes etc. These are all distractions of the mind, that with conscious awareness can be witnessed as just that, distractions that no longer need our attention.

Achieve this and we can cultivate mind/body awareness in our Yin yoga practice that will allow us to feel lighter and refreshed.

In Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth, he speaks about the control the ego has over our lives. Guiding our decisions and shifting us further away from our authentic selves. You have probably noticed this in your yoga practice, especially when deciding how deep you will push into a pose because everyone else in class is taking the strongest option. If you choose to to ‘stress’ the body, rather than ‘stretch’ it, the ego has control.

So how do we combat it?

Rather than create a to-do list of what we need to do to minimise this control, we do nothing. In todays world we are prone to needing to ‘do’ things to alter our states of being when it’s as simple as ’not doing’.

The same can be said for our motherhood journey’s. Think about when your child is upset. Your immediate response is to ‘fix’ the situation and make them feel better. What if we could comfort our babes in a way that is nourishing and supportive, but still allows them to feel what they need to feel.

It’s possible, by getting comfortable with the uncomfortable and Yin yoga is a wonderful place to start.

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Whether you’re a regular yin goer, or you’d like to try, you’ll love our Yin Yoga for Mamas pose sheet below. Download for free.