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The Heart Of Mamahood

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Before I had my first child an elderly father told me that it’s amazing how far the heart stretches. He said, when you have one child you can’t imagine loving anything else as much. Until you have your second.

And he was right.

At times it feels like your heart is going to burst. When those gorgeous little eyes gaze up at  you, you suddenly know the true meaning of unconditional love.

An open heart is an open mind ~ Dalai Lama

It’s not so much the love for my child that is profound, it’s the effect that it’s had on the rest of my life. My emotions, relationships, the way I look at the world ~ in a way, it’s simplified things.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore because I stress with the best of them, and who understands worry better than mums right?! But I do check in with myself a bit more.

The things that used to matter are not so forefront. They’re still there, just not so high on my list of priorities.

The parenting journey holds the potential to be a spiritually regenerative experience for both parent and child, where every moment is a meeting of spirits, and both parents and child appreciate that each dances on a spiritual path that’s unique, holding hands and yet alone ~ Dr Shefali Tsabary

However, when you open your heart space you let in the good and the bad.

With an open heart comes an open mind, free to all possibilities and this for a mama can be challenging. Not only do you experience the wonderful joys that a child brings, but all the worry that comes with it.

Honestly, I wasn’t prepared for the number of scenarios I could think up about how things could go wrong. You know that part in the movie where the character imagines a series of catastrophic events, only to return to the scene and the audience discovers it was all in their head. Well, thats me, all the time. Not so much that I’m seeking professional help, but enough that I wish it would stop.

Part of that is letting go, allowing myself to be in the moment and forget about the ‘what if’. At the same time, as mamas we need to be all over it.

It’s not a morbid fascination, it’s just being keenly aware of all the possible scenarios. Sometimes the responsibility of keeping this little human alive is overwhelming.

But we do it, don’t we. And we’d do it again and again. And that’s love.

Putting your emotional and physical needs aside for the sake of someone else. And that’s not to say that only a mother can know this depth of love, it exists in so many different forms. But this is my experience.

On the same front, we can learn a lot from our children.

They love so simply, so unconditionally, without prejudice, judgement or suspicion. How amazing would it be to strip back our conditioning and just follow our heart unconditionally.

To live with an open heart is to remember that the essence of our true self is LOVE. We must forgive, heal and feel the depths of our emotions before we have the space to connect deeper and higher. This open heart space is where we reflect divine love and light for each other! – Andrea Keh

Perhaps this mamahood journey gives us the opportunity to do this. To simplify our life and open our hearts.

To let all the rest go.