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Taking a break

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After 12-hours we’d finally arrived. Beautiful Khao Lak Thailand had greeted us with torrential rain with no sign of easing for the week. Not exactly the tropical family holiday we’d planned but a holiday non the less. A break. A chance to recharge.

It’s less about where you end up, or even how long you’re away, and much, much more about just having a break.

There’s no hiding our love for breaks. Both Andy and I regularly take mini family trips and try to plan larger, longer holidays at least once a year.

It’s become a huge part of our self care routine even though these days they’re almost always taken with the family in tow.

Whether you are craving a break or regularly schedule them in there’s no denying how important they are for busy mamas. We often try to pour from an empty cup and wait until we’re at breaking point before we take time out for self.

The power of the break

Scheduling in breaks is a powerful way to reconnect with yourself and your family. Why? because they allow us to let go of the busy-ness of our regular days. We live more in the moment and our nervous system is often in a more relaxed state. Sometimes we don’t even realise how stressed or overwhelmed we are (hello autopilot) until we take a break and have an opportunity to reflect on our situation.

Research has shown that regular breaks is also good for our brains. The brain needs downtime to process, sort and organise the massive amount of information many of us take in every day. When we take a break and shift our attention away from our to-do lists, our brain shifts into a more relaxed state allowing us to think more clearly and return to our day’s with increased clarity of thought.

Like balance, breaks are an individually defined thing. They’ll look different for all of us but ultimately deliver the same result.

What do breaks for mamas look like?

Mini breaks : little snippets of time that you can instil into your day. 5-20 min. A coffee in the sunshine, a mini bursts of yoga sequence in the lounge.
Short breaks : 24-48 hours. A weekend getaway or afternoon adventure.
Extended breaks : a week+. A family vacay or mama retreat.

Ditch the mama guilt

Breaks don’t always have to be taken on your own, but when they are let’s ditch the mama guilt about it. We put our heart and soul into being a mama and we too need a break. We shouldn’t feel guilty for taking time for ourselves. After all, when we are feeling at our best, our family’s reap the rewards.

When was the last time you took a break?