The secret to surviving motherhood

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So you’re here…motherhood. Not quite what you expected? Regardless of your journey thus far, regardless of how many books you’ve read, questions you’ve googled or how many people have given you advice, nothing can truly prepare you for the unpredictability of motherhood. You’ll spend your entire journey second guessing yourself, … Read More

Yin Yoga For Mamas

Yin yoga is a deeply restorative and meditative practice, designed to release and open the body. This nurturing practice encourages inward focus, whilst deepening mental and physical strength, and is perfect for stressed and fatigued mamas. Yoga is the practice of being close to yourself, no matter what is happening … Read More

Connect with baby & self through pre & postnatal yoga [Ebook]

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Pre & Postnatal Yoga is such a wonderful way to connect with self and baby. Use this ebook as your guide on you’re prenatal journey and into motherhood. What’s inside? Prenatal Benefits of prenatal yoga Guidelines for prenatal practice Foundation prenatal yoga poses Postnatal Benefits of postnatal yoga Guidelines for postnatal practice … Read More