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Skincare for a sensitive baby

With SO many skincare products for baby’s on the market it is super hard to decide what’s going to be right for your little one.

Having super sensitive skin myself and not wanting to put anything harsh on my newborn I did a little research and some trial and error to finish on the following recommendations of products that have worked brilliantly on Cobi’s sensitive skin.

  • Lavender or Paw Paw soap
  • Coconut oil
  • Bepanthen {barrier cream]
  • Mustela hydra Bebe {body lotion}
  • Dermaveen extra gentle moisturizing cream
  • Baby calm oil

Lavender or Paw Paw soap

At around the 5 month mark we started to notice some dry patches on Cobi’s arms, legs and back. It looked like it may have been eczema so I took him to the doctor to see what we could do. I couldn’t believe it when the gp suggest steroid creme and bleech baths (yep for a 5 month old!). I left thinking that’s never going to happen and began researching natural alternatives.

Eczema can be linked to diet but because Cobi was only just beginning solids and was drinking formula there wasn’t a lot we could do in that area.

The alternative was to remove any type of soap or product that could dry out the skin and supplement it with products that would deeply moisturize.

I’d previously tried goats milk soap with no success but I know this has worked for other people.

A friend bought Cobi some lavender soap and it’s been brilliant. It smells divine and is really gentle on his skin.

We wash him with it daily from head to toe!

Paw Paw Soap – I was in Coles the other day and they had Paw Paw soap on special. I thought I’d give it a try on myself first and then see how Cobi responded to it. So far it’s been amazing and just like the Lavender soap smells divine!

Where to buy: I got the Paw Paw soap from Coles and I got my Lavender soap from The Herb Farm NZ {http://herbfarm.co.nz/collections/mother-baby}

Coconut oil

This stuff is amazing. You can do so much with coconut oil including using it as a moisturizer.

I used it every night after Cobi’s bath – rubbing him in coconut oil from head to toe. (It’s really nice for the hair too!) – until the dry skin began to clear.

I’ve definitely got some on hand now should it return.

Where to buy: health food stores & some health professionals (look for specific skin vs cooking oil)

Bepanthen {Barrier cream}

This stuff is genius! It reminds me of a sticky glue and it’s by far the best barrier creme I’ve used to date.

When Cobi was first born and we bought him home after his stint in the special care nursery he had terrible nappy rash. It was so bad at one point I thought it had blistered.

Thankfully my sister in law was over and had a look then suggested bepanthen which she’d used for all 3 of her kids.

Be generous when applying. Less than 24 hours later and Cobi’s nappy rash was gone! Any hint of nappy rash now and it’s the first thing I grab.

Tip: certain types of nappies and wipes gave Cobi rashes. It’s obviously an ingredient or type of fabric they use. We’ve settled on Huggies nappies and wipes as the best for his skin.

Where to buy: most supermarkets stock it in the baby aisle

Mustela hydra bebe 

We were given some of this in hospital and it’s what they used on bubs in the special care nursery. You can buy it from the pharmacy and it’s a very gentle skincare range which smells so good!

My favorite is the body lotion and I use it on Cobi when I’m not using the coconut oil.

Where to buy: most major pharmacy’s stock it in the baby skincare section

Dermaveen extra gentle moisturizing cream

Packed full of moisture I used this if Cobi’s skin is looking a little dry but not patchy.

Where to buy: most supermarkets stock it in the baby aisle

I hope this list was helpful. I’d love to know if you have any products you’ve used on your bebe with sensitive skin.

Baby calm oil

This baby calm oil from The Herb Farm NZ is beautiful for baby massage. You only need a little as it goes a long way and smells beautiful. If your bebe loves massage I’m sure they’ll love this too.

Where to buy: The Herb Farm NZ which you can buy online {http://herbfarm.co.nz/collections/mother-baby}