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Setting an Intention – Meditation

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Setting an Intention Meditation

The power of setting an intention

When we set an intention in yoga, we are asking the universe to translate that intention off our mat and into our lives.

Too often we practice yoga and for that brief hour drop into stillness, but as soon as the teacher say’s namaste, we jump off our mats and quickly pick up where we left off – slotting back into our busy lives.

And let’s be honest, sometimes we are even thinking about what we have to do after class, during the class!

Setting an intention during our practice, either during our posture work or through meditation, is like building a bridge between the work we do on our mat, and what we continue to focus on when we step off our mat.

It’s like planting a seed in the back of the mind that increases the vibration of our energy on a daily basis.

The following meditation will help you create your intention. In yoga we call this a sankalpa. This can be translated to mean a vow that has been birthed from the very core of our heart – our soul and the place of our deepest truth.

Rather than a goal, it is a feeling. Something you would like to embody, or feel regularly. For example, I am loving.

This 10 minute meditation will explain in more detail before moving into a state of deep relaxation and asking some questions to help you establish your intention.

Once you’ve set your intention you might like to use it for the days, weeks and months ahead during your yoga and meditation practice. You would do this by taking a few moments at the beginning and end of your yoga practice to repeat your intention silently to yourself.