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Mum Life. Let’s face it. Is busy.

We wear many hats.

‘Me time’ is almost non existent as we juggle the demands of Mum Life.

When we add Mumpreneur on top we’ve officially reached full capacity.

We ask ourselves – is it possible to have it all? Be a good mama + run a successful biz.

The answer is yes.


By instilling mini bursts of ‘me time’ into your day.

Small daily changes in ritual creates balance + focus.

Developing a strong mind + body connection is where it begins.

THANK YOU! The Bizy Mamas Yoga Kit is exactly what I have been looking for. At the moment I cannot do a 1 1/2 hour class or home session and this guided series is perfect. Tricia (Mum of 2), Australia




We know first hand what it’s like to be busy mums at the same time as trying to build a successful business.

It can feel overwhelming and at times like you’re drowning in your to-do list.

Research tells us that taking regular breaks can make us happier, more focused and increase our productivity.

Yoga has been the key ingredient for us to remain focused, creative and balanced when it comes to Mum Life + Business.

Now we want to share it with you.



Why YOGA is the answer

Yoga, which includes meditation + breath work, is an ancient practice that has many physical and emotional health benefits including stress reduction, improved flexibility and mobility, increases focus, better sleep and improved strength.

According to neuroscientists, as you continue to meditate your brain physically changes, activating the ‘Rest & Digest’ part of our nervous system helping us better manage stress.

It has also been found to promote ‘Divergent Thinking’, a type of thinking that allows many new ideas to be generated.


It’s these types of outcomes us Mumprenuers need + want.

“I struggle to find time to dress myself, let alone get out to do yoga! After only one try of the yoga sequence and a meditation, I can totally feel the benefits and see how this WILL fit into my day”  Tracy Harris (Mum of 1), Australia | Mums with Hustle

Bizy Mamas Yoga Kit

Your Investment: $14.95 AUD


This is your toolkit to ditch the overwhelm, build clarity + focus and get the creative juices flowing.

Inside You’ll Find:

  • 3 x sequences
  • 2 x meditations
  • 2 x breath practices

Yoga sequences

(1) Quick energy boost
(2) Focus the mind
(3) Restorative


(1) Intention setting meditation
(2) Re-focus meditation
(3) Wind down meditation

Breath practice

(1) Easy breathing
(2) Yoga breath

We made this just for you Mama.

We want you to feel empowered that you can have it all and still feel balanced.

That being a mumprenuer doesn’t have to be about disconnecting with self to get the job done.

This kit has been designed by busy mums, for busy mums.

Join us and together lets change the world.

Online & Download

The entire Bizy Mamas Yoga Kit is available to view online or download to your computer.

“I am beyond thrilled with the Bizy Mamas Yoga Kit created by Yoga Mamas. The kit delivers a great mix of yoga sequences, breath practices and meditations. What I really love about it is that it is actually designed by mothers, for busy mothers. All of the content is presented in manageable chunks so that it can easily fit in with our busy lives. The yoga sequences are challenging but demonstrated in a way that is not intimidating. Alternatives are provided to suit different levels of experience. In all of the content, Kate and Andy use a friendly and warm tone that makes you feel instantly relaxed. This kit is handy too because I don’t have to leave the house to exercise my body and mind. Even my active little toddler joined me during a breath practice. I think it is great for him to see his busy mama slowing down. After completing the meditation, I feel refreshed and invigorated to continue with the day. I cannot believe how affordable this kit is. Skip those two lattes and invest in yourself instead. Trust me, it’s a treat that will keep giving back”

Holly Brunnbauer (Mum of 1), Australia | Something Special Photo Booth

I can’t thank you enough for creating the Bizy Mamas Yoga Kit!! I use it 3 times a day and my goal is to increase that to every day. As a mum who works from home, a lot of it at night once my daughter goes to bed, I use the yoga sequence to give myself some space and focus between bedtime and when I start working. This helps me to mentally refresh myself and physically recharge before I start my ‘day job’. I feel like I am a healthier and happier woman for this habit, so I cannot thank you enough!
Physically I am also feeling a difference. I am more flexible and I can feel myself getting stronger. I have less back pain and the pubic symphysis pain I’ve had since having my daughter is dropping away. My pelvic floor/core strength has increased dramatically which gives me confidence for any future pregnancies. I’ve even convinced my husband to join in, so now ever second night we roll out our mats, chose a flow sequence to do together and let go of the day. Thank you so much for this amazing resource! I’ve tried lots of online yoga programs and yours is by far the best- I cant recommend it enough!

Chloe Watts (Mum of 1), Australia | BlueberryCoBaby


Can I download the files?

Yes! You can download all of the recordings directly from Dropbox. You can download these as individual files, or the entire package. The total file size for the package is 8.6GB.

Do you offer a DVD copy?

Yes! You can request a DVD version for an extra $5 AUD to cover postage and handling. Email us via to arrange a DVD copy.

Is this program suitable for pregnancy?

No. This program is not suitable during pregnancy. You can check out our At home prenatal yoga package which is the perfect program for pregnancy.

Is this program suitable for postpartum?

Yes. This program can be used during postpartum when used in conjunction with our postpartum modifications sheet. Please email to request your copy.

Your Investment: $14.95 AUD


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