The Yoga Mamas Life After Baby podcast is your go to for all things yoga, meditation and wellness where we chat to influential + inspirational women who have dedicated their life’s work to helping mamas and those-to-be to live in flow. These are women we have connected with throughout our journey and now we want you to be able to connect with them too, learning from their shared stories about how we as mothers can use the tools of yoga to create stillness amidst the chaos of #mumlife We’ll be releasing one podcast per month for the remainder of 2017 that you can access via itunes, soundcloud and right here on the yoga mamas website.

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The importance of Pelvic Health for Mothers (LAB #04) PART 1
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        Taryn Gaudin. Taryn is a Women’s Health and Fitness Physiotherapist in Townsville Australia, founder of Swim Ride Mum and mother to 2 girls. Her passion is to help Women build strength from the inside out both physically and emotionally. Taryn helps women to exercise safely during … Read More

Self Care and Meditation with Rebecca Ryan (LAB #03)

        We rave about Rebecca Ryan (aka Beck) and her work all the time on social media and this isn’t the first time we’ve had her share some of her Life After Baby experiences (find Beck’s previous interview here). BUT, she is SO inspiring and full of … Read More

The rise of the next generation starts with the care of the mother with Kristy Rodriguez (LAB #02)

We first met Kristy via Instagram as the the founder of Pure Nurture, LLC which she established after working with women in various stages of pregnancy and after becoming a mother herself. Inspired by her own experience and the experiences of the motherhood collective, Kristy creates learning and teaching environments … Read More

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