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Mini Bursts of Yoga

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FREE weekly Mini Bursts of Yoga

Since we launched just a few short weeks ago we’ve been working on something special. We know first hand that as busy mamas it’s hard, sometimes impossible, to find time to roll out our yoga mats and practice. But what we also know first hand is the importance of making time for self, and moving your body in ways that feel great. What makes yoga so unique is that it not only focusses on the physical, but also our emotional state of being. So as far as we’re concerned, it’s a win win!

Each week throughout 2016, we’ll be releasing a FREE weekly mini burst of yoga guided video. We’ll be posting these via YouTube and if you’re subscribed to our weekly e-news you’ll get the link sent directly to you each Monday night. You can sign up here if you’re not already. 

Of course, in each of the videos we’ll be focusing on the prenatal version with Andy and Kate will focus on the postnatal version so you’ll see both of us in each video but you get to choose who you follow.

We’ve made these videos just for you, to help you with your postnatal or prenatal journey. Staying active pre and post birth is important not only for our bodies but also for our emotional state.

We hope you love these videos as much as we loved making them. If there’s any thing you’d like to see please let us know in the comments below.

And….if you’re on Instagram be sure to hashtag #miniburstsofyoga to share your progress with us and the rest of the mama tribe.