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Living with awareness – what it means to live in flow

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I AM Enough

Two of my favourite spiritual teachers Deepak Chopra and Carolyn Myss, both speak beautifully about the art of awareness.

You may be more familiar with ‘living in the present or living in the moment’. This concept shifts us into a place of absolute awareness. Our mind is not focused on our past, or future. It is cemented into the moment.

Let me give you an example. You start your day by checking your emails, followed by breakfast, attending to your child, farewelling your husband, partner or significant other off to work, you head out for a playdate, coffee and arrive home around midday to pop your babe down for their nap. You hustle on your biz for a couple of hours before babe wakes up and the afternoon/evening routine begins. But whilst you’re making dinner, you catch the brightness of the sunset out of the corner of your eye. Usually you’d continue cooking, knowing that things need to keep moving if you’re going to get bath and bed time in before 7.30pm. But today is different. You stop what you’re doing. You grab your babe and you head outside to watch in awe of mother nature. Soaking up the moment.

That’s living in the moment. The beauty of awareness.

Consider this. How would your day change if you could sprinkle moments like this throughout it?

It takes practice. But it is possible.

It starts with awareness, it’s that simple. And the very fact it is so simple means it’s available to all of us.

Where to start? Meet Emma

In Carolyn Myss’s ‘Why people don’t heal’ (a long but well worth YouTube video), she touches on the need for us all to begin with a single question. The example she gives is beautiful and I want share a similar one with you below.

Picture a women, let’s call her Emma. She’s ambitious and kind. Married to the love of her life. Has a 3 year old girl Jasmine. After Jasmine was born Emma didn’t want to go back to work as an event planner. She wanted to stay home with Jasmine for as long as possible. But she also knew that she wanted to do something for herself. So she started her own business. She makes candles and sells them at local markets on the weekend. She also has an online store. Emma thought this would be the answer she was looking for. The best of both worlds. She’d still be working, thus fuelling her creative side, but also available for whatever Jasmine required.

2 years in Emma decided to put a hold on her business and go back to work part time. Jasmine was thriving in child care and Emma knew that whilst she loved making candles, it wasn’t something that got her out of bed in the morning.

One day whilst Emma was sitting in the park on her lunch break (in a job that certainly didn’t light her up) she felt compelled to ask herself this question.

‘What do I want?’

There was no answer. She continued to ponder this question and others for several weeks. Still no answer.
But the events that unfolded over the coming months was Emma her living answer.

Within 2 months Emma had closed down her candle business and started a new one. She called It Light Up your Life. Emma took her passion for making candles and her passion for running events and combined them together to create a business where she ran events teaching others how to make their own custom made candles.

Within 12 months the business had made more money than her candle business had in 2 years. She’d connected with like minded mothers and built a beautiful community around her events. Jasmine was still thriving in child care but with all the extra energy and focus Emma had, they’d regularly head to the beach and watch the sunset together as a family.

Emma would move through her days with ease and grace. Emma was living in flow.

Whilst you might think there is something special and unique about Emma there is not. She is just like us. She is just like you.

When you start with a single question you are telling the universe you are ready for change. Most people move through their days, their lives even, without ever starting with a single question. For those brave enough to ask, it’s a different ending.

Why is awareness so important?

Awareness allows us the freedom to live as much of our day in the present moment.

When we fail to live with awareness (like living on auto-pilot for too long) our mind & body shifts out of alignment. This can manifest in many ways:

  • headaches
  • difficulties concentrating
  • anxiety
  • sleep difficulties
  • digestive difficulties

If we are ready and willing to listen to the messages our body sends us, then we are able to shift into a state of awareness. A few indicators to know when you’re living with awareness or ‘in flow’.

  • you’re able to notice when opportunities come into your life that will benefit you and those that won’t
  • things will feel easier than usual
  • you’ll feel supported in your decisions
  • your environment and the people around you will feel supportive
  • you’ll feel a sense of freedom and joy

We are not about to sit here and tell you it will be easy. It’s a daily practice as mothers to live with awareness. But the happiness, health, love and abundance that will more readily flow into our lives is worth it.

Over to you mama. What will your first question be?


2 Responses

  1. Melissa

    I’ve been asking myself what I want over the past year but now I realise I need to improve my awareness. Any tips on how to do this? or maybe the time is just not right yet.

    • yogamamas

      Hi Melissa – keep asking the question. The answer will come. You definitely have to be ready (you’ll know when you’re ready for change – like really ready). Spend as much time in stillness as possible, meditation or just mindfulness practices. Yoga. Reading. Walking. Anything that allows you the space to daydream. That’s when the answers tend to be heard. Hope that helps! All bliss, Kate.