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Life in the fast lane

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So, this hit me while riding the escalator the other day…the pace of life really has changed.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s slowed down as a result of motherhood, quite the contrary – it seems to be flying by at an incredible rate. However, my perspective on a few aspects of life certainly have changed.

As I’m riding the escalator down to my car, and busy people are whizzing past me, I start to reflect on how different things are. Or is it that I have changed? I used to be a whizzer. The escalator was just the perfect opportunity to get where I needed to go just that little bit faster. And boy oh boy, if someone stood smack bang in the middle so I couldn’t pass….

Of course now I love the escalator for a different reason. It’s an opportunity to still get where I’m going, but take a pause while I do it. Honestly, if there were escalators along all the streets my life would be complete…ok, that’s a little extreme, that’s just the pregnant legs talking.

But this particular ride down the escalator did get me thinking about some of the changes to my life that are certainly for the better. I’m not going to attribute this complete change to motherhood, or the escalator for that matter, but certainly to a combination of those elements, the stage of life I’m at and yoga (of course!)

What I’ve learnt on the journey so far is that all whizzing through my life does is make me miss important details. What motherhood has taught me, other than the value of incredible patience, is that moments are too precious to risk missing.

Life in the fast lane

…and if the tune to The Eagles famous song is not buzzing through your head right now then I feel very old.

I’ve always thrived on being busy and still do. Despite having to put the breaks on in certain ways since having kids, it certainly hasn’t stopped me from taking on several jobs and multi-tasking my way through the day. I like to think that I’m a little more clever about the way I go about things these days, but probably not.

What I do know is that because time is so precious, I’m not going to waste it on things that don’t hold a lot of value to me. And this is the difference.

Life is definitely not slower, it’s just more aligned.

I’ve made it a real priority (as has my biz partner and #soulsista Kate and therefore it’s become a big part of our YogaMamas journey) to ensure that everything I do I feel is really aligned with who I am. It’s not to say there aren’t things that you still have to do that you don’t necessarily love…ain’t noone going to put their hand up to change those nappies for me. But things I can control are sure as heck going to come from a place of passion, authenticity and value. They need to align with me essentially, not the other way around.

I’m still in the process of perfecting this, but at least I have a clear vision and I’m taking steps to ensure the life I’m living is true to what I want.

So, here we are on the escalator again. At this point you’re probably wondering what the point of the escalator is, other then the place I came up with this slightly disjointed blog idea. The thing is the escalator has become a bit of a metaphor for me now. I’m riding life, in the direction I want to go. I can see the destination ahead of me and I’m going to take my time to notice the details along the way. I don’t care if people whiz past me, I’ll get there eventually.

The point is, I used to think there was such a rush to get where I was going. If I had an idea I wanted it to happen now. I didn’t like waiting for outcomes…boy doesn’t pregnancy teach you a lesson there! But I’m starting to learn the value of time. Whilst it’s precious, it’s also important. Don’t wish it away trying to get to the end, take advantage of the journey to get every last ounce of magic out of it.

Enjoy the journey. 

So now I’m smiling to myself. At the randomness of my train of thought. At how the simple act of heading to my car in no particular rush has headed me down this reflective path. Riding the escalator (yep, this is the longest damn escalator ride ever) and people are looking at me as they whiz past because I’m smiling at myself and I look weird.

Ah well, such is life. I wouldn’t miss it for the world 🙂