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Life After Baby with Kylie Trappitt (Kayelle Designs)

Life After Baby is a series to celebrate the journey of motherhood. To take an inside peak into the most memorable and vulnerable experiences we all share as mothers.


Kylie Trappitt (Kayelle Designs)

This beautiful mama is Kylie Trappitt, founder of jewellery brand Kayelle Designs. We first Kylie on social media and then discovered we have some very special mutual friends. How’s that for 6 degrees of separation!

We have absolutely loved getting to know this mama of 1. She’s a fellow yoga mama and has shared with us some of her mamahood journey. We especially love her story about doing yoga with her son. Dive in below.

Sum up in one sentence what it means to you to be a Mum

I always think of the saying “to live with your heart outside of your body”. It’s so true. Parenthood is a paradox, you can be so exhausted and over everything and so full at the same time, you can experience a run of conflicting emotions in a short space of time and sometimes all at once!

If you had to pick one, what’s been your most memorable experience as a Mum?

I think it will always be the moment my son was born. There’s honestly nothing like that feeling of having your baby in your arms for the first time.

Share with us your most vulnerable mama moment

I struggled a lot with anxiety and depression after becoming a mum and started experiencing panic attacks. When I finally got to the point where I knew I was going to have to do something about it I just broke down to my husband and admitted I couldn’t battle it on my own any more – I felt defeated. We can put so much pressure on ourselves to be this version of parents that we had in our heads, this ‘dream’ vision of what a parent will be, and it was very emotional to come to the understanding that I was being unrealistic and would have to compromise that ideal.

What’s one thing you have learnt about yourself you didn’t know before becoming a mama?

That I’m a control freak! It wasn’t until I had to give in to being out of control that I realised that – and you really cannot be in control when you have kids! Though the more I practice relinquishing some of that control, I’m learning to relax into it and enjoy truly being in the moment a lot more.

Balance. It’s an individual thing so how do you define it?

I honestly don’t know if we ever get “balance” in life? I think that might be one of those ‘ideals’ that might be a bit unrealistic. My husband, Paul, and I always try to live the idea that we are a team. It means that sometimes we might be putting all of our energy into Paul’s ventures or sometimes I might be needing extra support or downtime, but we talk through it and come to an understanding of where our priorities are in that moment. Something will always need a bit more attention than other areas, but I think in ensuring it doesn’t stay that way and in being flexible is ideally how we would want to achieve some sense of balance.

Finish this sentence

I secretly wish I could… quit my day job!
I combat self doubt and overwhelm by… breathing. I work on some great breathing exercises and try to use them daily, even if it’s while waiting for the kettle to make a cup of tea.
I’m most inspired by… Mums who have more than one child! haha I don’t know how you do it!
My current affirmation/mantra is… It doesn’t have to be perfect.
My yoga practice is… Done with a toddler! My favourite part is that he does jazz hands when he says ‘namaste’.

What’s your one parting piece of guidance for the mama tribe?

Just breathe! Live in the moment. Things really don’t have to be ‘perfect’.

Kylie is 33, mummy to one very energetic and hilarious 2 year old, Jensen, wifey to Paul and jewellery maker at Kayelle Designs. I also work full time as a project manager during the day. Kayelle Designs was born from the need for a creative outlet to inspire mindfulness practice in managing stress and anxiety. After spending hours peacefully exploring designs and colours, I decided to grow my newfound passion into a small business.

I love accessories and wear statement necklaces almost every day. I love coffee and chocolate, am obsessed with flowers and a total film and tv nerd. I love all aspects of fashion and have a slight problem with online shopping but shhh don’t tell my husband!

Connect with Kylie:

Website: www.kayelleau.bigcartel.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kayelleau
Instagram: www.instagram.com/kayelle_au