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Life After Baby with Tracy Harris (Mums with Hustle)

Life After Baby is a series to celebrate the journey of motherhood. To take an inside peak into the most memorable and vulnerable experiences we all share as mothers.

Tracy Harris

Here at Yoga Mamas we love Instagram so it’s no surprise this is where we first met Tracy from Mums with Hustle. Mama to one, we’ve loved watching her hustle her way to creating an amazing business that connects with mamas globally. Generous with sharing her knowledge and experience, Tracy has built a wonderful community of supportive mothers, showing the world you can be an amazing mama & run a small business.

Sum up in one sentence what it means to you to be a Mum

A love that fills me up to the brim and then some (because it can get messy sometimes).

If you had to pick one, what’s been your most memorable experience as a Mum?

Definitely our first feed, just moments after my son was born. I didn’t know he would smell his way down to the breast and just go for it! He taught me how to breastfeed! A beautiful moment and one I’ll always remain grateful for.

Share with us your most vulnerable mama moment

Being at a conference where there was no breastfeeding room and having to ask the organiser for a space to pump. We ended up using partition boards to form a little cubical and away I went. Breastfeeding and returning to work hasn’t been that easy. It’s most certainly been a lesson in vulnerability.

What’s one thing you have learnt about yourself you didn’t know before becoming a mama?

I can be vulnerable and that’s ok, in fact, there is beauty in imperfection. That very sentence would NEVER have been a thought in my mind prior to motherhood. I was (and still am) a total stickler for the rules. Order and perfection was my safe place. Motherhood is changing that slowly and I’m already feeling so much more free.

How do you define balance?

I know balance is something different to every person but for me it’s getting to the end of the day knowing I’ve done something for myself, something for my son and something for my husband (to make our day better).

Finish this sentence

I secretly wish I could…host an episode of Play School or co-host a radio show (pretty sure that second one doesn’t come as much of a surprise!) haha.
I combat self doubt and overwhelm by…distracting myself with something that makes me happy and forward planning fun outings and experiences with family and friends.
I’m most inspired by…other mothers who seem to just ‘go with the flow’.
My current affirmation/mantra is…Never trade your authenticity in for some else’s approval.
My yoga practice is…not enough, sadly. I am scheduling in time for the Yoga Mamas mini bursts of yoga though. If I don’t schedule it in, then it doesn’t happen. 5 minutes a day would be success for me!

What’s your one parting piece of guidance for the mama tribe?

The key ingredient for happiness is self-acceptance. Be kind to yourself and talk to yourself as you would a friend, especially in times of doubt, failure and disappointment. Care for yourself as you would your children. Back yourself as you would your partner.

Life After Baby with Tracy Harris

Tracy is the Founder of Mums with Hustle which includes a weekly podcast designed for mums in business. Speaking to the mumpreneurs that you love to follow, Tracy has built a community of like minded mothers who have a genuine interest in supporting other mothers and sharing their stories. In each of the Mums with Hustle podcasts, Tracy invites mothers to share their business journey as well as touch on their motherhood experiences, giving listeners the motivation they need to take ACTION.

Connect with Tracy via www.mumswithhustle.com | Instagram | Facebook