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Life After Baby with Holly Elson (Top Knot Girl)

Life After Baby is a series to celebrate the journey of motherhood. To take an inside peak into the most memorable and vulnerable experiences we all share as mothers.

Holly Elson Top Knot Girl


Wowza. What to say about this amazing mama other than you are going to relate to so much of what she has to share below. Holly is mama to William (5) and Poppy (2), the face behind the brand Top Knot Girl and kick ass mumpreneur. We met Holly through the Mums with Hustle community and instantly had a connection. Asking her about #mumlife was like taking a sneak peek into a conversation between me & Andy. We could absolutely echo aspects of her journey as we know you will too. Over to you mama. Enjoy.

Sum up in one sentence what it means to you to be a Mum

For me, being a Mum means eternal purpose. My life, and main life focus, is to pour and provide all that I have into these littles, as best as I can! It’s daunting at times, yes, but it’s so much fun and such a reward!

If you had to pick one, what’s been your most memorable experience as a Mum?

I have had a few of these, of course the birth of both of my babies comes to mind, but my most memorable experience was about 3 days after my son, William (5) was born. After a difficult and long labor and delivery, I’d had a rough time leading to breastfeed. I felt down and alone and was struggling to find any energy to believe I could do it. A beautiful nurse that was assisting me came in as William began to wake and look for food. She suggested I try lying on my side and feeding. She attached him (as I was still clueless!) and he began to drink. It still hurt a lot, but he was attached. That was the first time (since becoming a mother just 3 days before! Hah!) that I felt some sort of “I’ve got this” – and it helped me to rest in that.

Share with us your most vulnerable mama moment

I think back again, to William’s birth. Being so clueless and new at the prospect of motherhood was daunting. It was a big reality check to have this new life in my arms, and for months (possibly years – and even still) I felt vulnerable at the “new” experiences I was facing, or would be!

What’s one thing you have learnt about yourself you didn’t know before becoming a mama?

I never knew how tired you could be, or the fact you could love someone so much that you’ve only just met. I have really learned that life isn’t so much about me and my dreams, but about how I can be the best to support them and theirs!

How do you define balance?

Oh this balance question! Haha, I’ve been asked this a few times of late. I really cannot define it. My life isn’t balanced. My life works in seasons. Some are busy, like my current one of growing a business and raising two littles. Others have been more challenging and “stormy” if you like. When something is up, the other thing/s is/are down – it’s really more of a juggling act, rather than this constant expectation we all place on ourselves to have perfect “balance”.

Finish this sentence

I secretly wish I could… Go back and tell the younger Holly not to stress and waste time on the things I stressed and wasted time worrying or concerning myself with – but hey I guess those things really make up who you become. Maybe grow a second set of arms. That might be a more appropriate answer! (Haha!)
I combat self doubt and overwhelm by… Going to a quiet space. I pray, and often speak out or dwell on positive words. I also find some music encouraging. Good songs to life the spirit and help bring perspective.
I’m most inspired by… So many things inspire me. Peoples testimony, life experience, colours and the world around me. My family and kids too – of course!
My current affirmation/mantra is… Enjoy each day the best you can. Do what you can to grow in yourself and contribute to others.
My yoga practice is… I am a very slack yoga mama – but I do believe in taking daily moments to reflect, think and reassess.

What’s your one parting piece of guidance for the mama tribe?

Stay true to who you are. Enjoy your work, family, friends and life. Be kind to yourself and remember that there is always a way forward.


Holly Elson Top Knot Girl

I’m Holly, wife to Nathan and Mummy to William (5) and Poppy (2). I am the owner and designer of TopKnot Girl. We make amazing headwear, including Headbands in different styles, and Modern Bonnets in a range of sizes.

Connect with Holly via www.topknotgirl.com.au | Instagram: @topknotgirl_ | Facebook: www.facebook.com/topknotgirl | Email: topknotgirl@outlook.com

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  1. Margaret Durkin

    How exciting Holly such a huge few years for you. Congratulations on the continued success of your Business and most of all of the beautiful women wife and mum you are . You are such an inspiration ! ?