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Life After Baby with Callie Brown

Life After Baby is a series to celebrate the journey of motherhood. To take an inside peak into the most memorable and vulnerable experiences we all share as mothers.

Callie Brown

You know that feeling you get when you meet someone and they just exude good energy. Well when I first met this beautiful mama she was pregnant with her first babe and literally glowing. Now a mother of two, wife, life coach, writer, yoga teacher and overall life enthusiast, if you had to describe what ‘yoga’ looked like, Callie would be it.

This mama leaves a definite imprint on you in the form of grace, ease & flow. Getting to know her over the past few years through messages of support and Instagram chats, she continues to inspire me and others to feel our way through life and motherhood.

Just 10 weeks ago she gave birth to her second babe and thus I am super excited that she has agreed to share some of her mamahood journey with us below.


Callie Brown

Sum up in one sentence what it means to you to be a Mum

It means sacred sacrifice, it means conscious commitment, it means explosive love bursts, it means growth,
it means the world!

If you had to pick one, what’s been your most memorable experience as a Mum?

Most memorable to date is my recent home birth with baby number 2.

It was a healing, 4 hour active labour, as I hang on to the wall in our living room!

Our baby girl came out “en-caul”, which means her sack of amniotic fluid was still in tact – what an incredible sight to behold!

I felt power filled, strong, primal and at peace.

I had worked hard to process my difficult first birthing experience and transform the energy surrounding it so I could fulfill the dream to birth naturally and peacefully at home, and the work paid off – truly memorable 🙂

Share with us your most vulnerable mama moment

Well, vulnerability is a daily experience in my Mama journey – my choice to parent with deep awareness and consciousness has meant my vulnerability is often triggered and exposed.

Most vulnerable Mama moment would likely be right after birthing our baby girl, my toddler came running up to me and whispered in my ear “Mama, I was lying in bed and saying ‘you did Mama, you did it!'”, the image of him laying in his bed and beaming out his support and love to me still makes my heart skip a beat and blows me wide open! What a little dude 🙂

What’s one thing you have learnt about yourself you didn’t know before becoming a mama?

Just how hard I am on myself….Motherhood has highlighted the need for me to “get it right” and the guilt I carry when I feel like I am “failing”. I want to know the answers and when I feel like I can’t fix something for my family or take care of providing nutritious meals everyday, I go straight to feeling like I am failing my family and that I am “not good” at this whole Mothering gig.

It’s funny – even answering this question I have chosen to share something “negative” I have learnt about myself when becoming a Mama – ha!!

So lets finish this question with something wonderful I didn’t know about myself before becoming a Mama…..

I didn’t know how intrigued, curious and deeply committed I am to raising children that feel supported, seen, heard and valued.

I believe that I am a Mama who will witness my babies believing in themselves and truly loving and appreciating who they are 🙂

How do you define balance?

Balance is forever changing, so it’s hard to define.

Balance feels to me unattainable and it feels like I can beat myself up when I don’t have “Balance” – I then go into “lack” or feeling somehow compromised or claustrophobic in my daily life.

So I prefer to check in which how “aligned” I feel in my life. And by alignment I mean – am I valuing the things that are important to me? Do I feel resonate and good? How do I feel in this moment?

This feels open, expansive and dynamic – rather then trying to seek “balance”, I am aligning with where I am at and working within that – make sense?

Finish this sentence

I secretly wish I could…be a Ballarina
I combat self doubt and overwhelm by…dancing and hugging my family
I’m most inspired by…people’s stories and triumphs
My current affirmation/mantra is…this too shall pass
My yoga practice is…5 x Surya Namaskara daily (that’s all this Mama of two can fit in right now!)

What’s your one parting piece of guidance for the mama tribe?

Trust that you are enough. Know that you are somebodies everything and that by being “just a Mama” you are impacting the world greatly. Be at peace with today, it is all we have.

Callie Brown

Callie is a Mother of two, Wife, Life Coach, Writer, Yoga teacher and Life Enthusiast! 

Callie “feels” her way through life and uses writing as a way to express and share her feelings in the hope that it supports others along their journey too.

Callie is inspired by the everyday story, nourished by family, friends and wholesome food. 

Her Coaching Clients are those that yearn to connect and understand their unique essence, so they can live a life that has them come alive! 

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” -Howard Thurman

Connect with Callie via Instagram here

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