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Is Motherhood Really That Hard?

Andy Broadbear Yoga Mamas

Um…yes. Yes it is. It’s one of the most challenging things anyone can do – physically, mentally and emotionally. I know so many have done it before us and there will be many more to come after us, but if we’re focusing on the present moment then yeah, it’s a tough gig.

Of course I expected the challenges the mamahood journey would bring, whether I was quite ready for it or not is another thing, but here we are – challenge accepted. What I wasn’t prepared for was the other side of being a care giver, which we don’t really talk about. The fact that despite the obstacles and learning curves which keep life interesting, at times mamahood can be monotonous and down right boring!

With baby’s routine comes a full time, relentless job that can begin to feel a little like Groundhog Day. And unlike any other job, there’s no sick leave, no time in lieu and certainly no renegotiating the terms of the contract.

Motherhood is the Greatest Thing and the Hardest Thing ~ Ricki Lake

We’re constantly given advice about making time for ourselves – healthy mama, healthy baby! Though easier said than done, we try to find pockets of the day to exercise, sleep, breath, make time for ourselves. One of the risks we run if we don’t make this time is hitting “mamahood burnout”. I’m serious, this a real condition. ┬áNot to be confused with Postnatal Depression, although it can be linked, burnout “can be defined as a loss of enthusiasm, energy, idealism, perspective, and purpose” (safemotherhood.org) There comes a point when you just can’t give anymore.

So, how do we prevent burning out? There are all the obvious things as previously mentioned, exercise, me time, rest. I know we daren’t say this out loud but, what about fun?! What…you mean amidst the sleepless nights, random feedings, mounds of nappies and monotonous routine you’re not having fun??

Sounds like the strangest thing, but why should mamahood be devoid of fun. Funnily enough, it too needs to be scheduled in. Laughter, wild abandonment and a carefree attitude are all great ways to lift the mood and offset the burnout. Put down the to do list, find a break in the routine and inject a little fun with the kids.

These are my fav:

  • Daggy dancing – can be done with babies. You put on the music and dance around like a lunatic, trust me they love it!
  • Yoga – add a child. Yes, yoga with your baby or toddler is so much fun and you can still get all the benefits for you (keep an eye out for a future blog on this!)
  • Colouring – when your kids draw grab one of these mindful colouring books for adults and scribble away, it’s so therapeutic.
  • Read out loud – read your novel to your Bub, use an expressive voice and they’ll be totally enthralled…it won’t matter that it’s not the latest edition of Peter Rabbit.
  • Turn chores into a game – that way you’re freed up when the kids finally turn down for a nap. Better still, put the music back on and dance through the washing!
  • Cook – encourage a little master chef and healthy eating with some sneaky sweets. After we’ve mixed the base, my daughter and I love to roll out the bliss balls (granted I’m probably not going to eat the ones she’s rolled up, but it’s heaps of fun!)

Above all else, think outside the box and get a little creative! Bring a little fun back into life, it’s ok, you’re allowed.

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  1. Simone

    Great post. There are so many ways to bring the fun into all aspects of the mundane. I like to make up fun stories and songs at teeth brushing time – my most loathed mummy chore!

    • Kate Payne

      Thanks Simone. Sharing stories + songs is a great idea. It’s definitely my go to during nappy changes! Kate x