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How to set new year intentions (not goals)

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How to set new year intentions

It’s the beginning of a new year and with that always comes the desire to goal set, create new intentions and plan for the year ahead. There’s always such hope and buzz in the air during this time, as we dream and map out our year in advance.

When you think about it, that’s a lot of pressure! To map out 365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months of goals, activities, wants and desires in a single day.

Where do we create space for the magic to happen?

To live in the moment, to create presence and live with absolute awareness.

Are we expected to schedule that in too?

It’s tricky.

What if we looked at our year ahead with patience, ease and grace. Not feeling rushed to have it all figured out in the first few weeks of a new year. What if we gave ourselves permission to change our goals as we moved through the year, adapting to our changing energy.

Creating space in our lives is very powerful. It allows us an opportunity to get really still and listen. Listen to our TRUE desires and not the things we THINK we should be doing.

I have to admit I’ve never been a goal setter. I’ve always preferred to allow life to ebb and flow. Until recently this hasn’t always worked out in my favour (hello lack of solid direction), until I switched my thinking to intention setting rather than goal setting.

Acknowledging how I want to FEEL in the year and allowing my actions to be guided by that, not a list of things to achieve.

So as I ring in the new year with plenty of anticipation for what’s to come here’s how I’ve changed my ritual to intention setting rather than goal setting.

Dear 2016

I wrote a letter to 2016 and having never done this before, was pleasantly surprised at how powerful this experience was. This time last year, 2016 was tipped to be ‘Sweet 16’, but for most of us, it was anything but. It was a year of deep transformation. I now believe that sweet 16 was a metaphor for growth, similar to the way a teenager turns 16 and embarks on her journey as a woman. Through writing out an entire year of thoughts, feelings, activates and the like, I reflect back on 2016 with much fonder memories.

Core desired feelings

For a few years now I’ve been setting core desired feelings. Last year we set some for Yoga Mamas and Balance was at the top of our list. Everything we did was done with this in mind. It became a theme to continually come back to as we made decisions on who to collab with, what products to create and what content to release. It morphed, as these things tend to do, into an idea of living in flow. From that, we discovered what truly lights us up in this online space and this will carry forward to 2017.

For 2017 we’ve set how we want to feel and here’s what we’ve chosen:
Alignment, Consciousness, Play, Space, Presence, Freedom

If you haven’t heard of Desire Mapping, or you’d like to learn more, head over to Danielle Laporte (www.daniellelaporte.com).

Intentions list

This is not a list of goals but rather a list of things you’d love to do this year and matched with how you want to feel (core desired feelings). For example, I want to go on a trip with my hubby (just the two of us ;)) because one of my core desired feelings is Play and to me that means love, laughter, experience, joy and expansion.

Andy wants to create space in her calendar (core desired feeling) so she can explore her creative side (did you know she’s an amazing photographer?!).

See how things you put on your list directly link to how you want to feel? Goals with soul as they’re commonly known. Still potentially a list of goals, but created with intention.

Not feeling the energy of 2017 just yet?

Know this. Purpose and meaning will come in ways that are unimaginable. Right now, don’t worry about how or what, just follow the path before you.

Goals set today, tomorrow, or next month are no more important or meaningful than the ones set before them. The key to balance and alignment is simply to give and receive each day.

There’s no question we want to make each new year better than the last. As the world continues to move towards greater awakening, we are all looking to understand ourselves better. We hope these ideas are a few ways you can start to do that in 2017.

Have you created intentions for 2017

We’d love for you to share with us below in the comments what you’ve done to see in the new year. Do you have a new year ritual for goal or intention settings. Share with us.

Intention Setting Meditation to guide you into 2017 with ease & grace