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How to raise your vibration

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If you’ve heard of or studied the Law of Attraction you will know that when we focus our attention on something for long enough, we invite that into our lives. For example, when you want to buy a new car, you suddenly start seeing that car everywhere.

When we talk about vibration, the concept is similar. Everything on this earth carries a vibrational frequency. It is when we match our individual vibration to that which we desire, that we call on the law of attraction and invite that into our lives.

‘We must become a vibrational match for that which we want to manifest’ – Abraham

To vibrate at a high frequency, we must not only resonate with words such as joy, appreciation, love, freedom but also embody them. Of course in our modern world and especially with the up’s and down’s of motherhood it’s almost impossible to spend our entire days at this high frequency, but by bringing awareness to our energy, we can start the process of living more fulfilled lives.

It can be very easy to get stuck in a rut as it is often referred. Our minds continue to come back to the same thoughts over and over, making us believe that we are in fact stuck combined with our energy system sitting a low vibration that keeps us from feeling like we are moving forward.

The focus of a low vibrating energy system is known as the chakras.

According to yoga philosophy there are 3 main bodies.

The physical body – arms, legs, skin etc
The subtle body – our energy system which lies between the two
The causal body – the true Self

The chakras are part of the subtle body.

They are connected to the network of channels we call the nadis (of which there are 72,000 in the body, some physical like veins and nerves and others energetic.

Located the length of the spine along the pathway we call sushumna nadi, they begin at the perineum and end at the crown of the head.

The Chakras are the bodies energy centres. These chakras, of which there are 7 major chakras, which mirror in many ways what we might say is the hierarchy of human needs and expression.

Not only are the chakras centres of energy but they are junctions for the connection between our spirit and our biology.

Opening the chakras is the unfolding of our true spirit.

The word chakra is sanskrit for wheels of light. The same way a ceiling fan circulates air through your home, the chakras are said to circulate energy through the body.

When one of our chakras becomes blocked it will slow down the flow of prana in the body and lower our overall vibration. This can lead to feelings of sluggishness, lack, fatigue, anxiety and other health problems.

Each chakra has its own vibration. Once we experience an incident in our lives which causes an emotion that is linked to a lower vibration such as grief or anger, if this is not released from the body it will eventually migrate it’s way to distinct chakras.

It’s therefore important to maintain balance in the body and state of homeostasis, that we balance and cleanse the chakras regularly.

So what are some ways you can raise your vibration as a mother other than chakra cleansing which we’ve included a practice below (Chakra Cleansing Meditation also available here on YouTube).

1. Step out of resistance

Take a step back and observe the situation. Are we forcing something that just isn’t working? If it’s not feeling like it’s ‘flowing’ then there’s probably a level of resistance, either consciously or subconsciously. For example, as a biz mum trying to work in the evenings after your babes are down to sleep, but you’re exhausted. If you’re trying to work on things that require your energy to be high and it’s not, then there’s a level of resistance to what your body actually needs from you, and that is rest. In this example, it’s best to assess which times during the day your energy levels are at their highest, and try to work then. If there’s not choice but to work at those times, try to do the tasks that require the more energy first.

2. Practice gratitude

It doesn’t have to be a formal gratitude practice, although it can be. Take some time out to think about 3 things that you are grateful for and then let a smile come across your face. A beautiful practice we like is to write down 3 positive experiences we had with our kids each day. Especially because raising toddlers is hard work so it can be difficult to see the positives on some of the more crazy days.

3. Prioritise self care

Recognising the times when we need self care the most takes practice. Especially as mums because we always have multiple things on the go. Self care works great when we have time, but when we start hearing ourselves say that we don’t are the times when we actually need it the most.

4. Focus on what you want

How often do we actually take the time to note down what we want. Not just think about what we want, but actually take some time to reflect on where we are currently, and where we want to go. How can we continually evolve and grow to live the lives we desire if we fail to reflect. Now we aren’t talking about goals here but rather intentions. So it’s less about the material things or experiences you want and rather how you want to feel doing them. Checking back into our core desired feelings (How to set core desired feelings – here) every few months will keep us on track.

5. Breathe

Sounds simple enough right? Sure, except when we are so buy we forget. Yep, when our stress levels are elevated, we forget to breathe in a way that is supportive for our nervous system. And it is when our nervous system is in a constant state of overdrive that we feel more fatigued, stressed, overwhelmed, and lifestyle related illnesses present themselves. Creating a daily practice of mindful breathing, yoga, meditation or any type of activity that provides us with the opportunity to tune into our bodies will give us the level of awareness needed to know when we’ve switched into auto-pilot and can bring ourselves back to the present moment.