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How to live a balanced life

Balance 2016Is balance really achievable?

Life Balance. It’s the latest buzz word, isn’t it, and apparently something we’re all striving for.

But what does it actually mean? How do you know if your life is out of balance? Is there a formula, a standard, are we ticking boxes off a list of things we should have in our life? Or is it an innate feeling that your life is not in the balance that you wish it to be?

When we consistently find ourselves in a state of balance, we have a far greater ability to focus our attention and energy on taking productive action, making conscious decisions and moving forward in a meaningful and authentic way. Hello, who wouldn’t want that!

But the big question….how do we actually achieve it? and with today’s lifestyles is it realistic to think we can achieve it at all?

I believe the answer is yes. The secret is to introduce small daily changes in ritual and thinking to create long term, sustainable balance. It’s about taking back control in the areas of our lives where we feel we’ve lost it.

There’s no life forcing when it comes to Balance. You just can’t force it. Plain and simple. It has to feel authentic or it won’t last.

I recently discovered I’m a bit of a life forcer which is why I can speak first hand when I say, the fruits of your forcing may be great for a little while, but eventually you’ll have to deal with the other stuff you’ve pushed beneath the surface. This is the stuff that really matters. The stuff that lights you up and makes you feel alive. The stuff that will allow you to live an authentic life – a Good Life.

The ultimate goal is to arrive in a place where what you want intersects with what the world needs. I believe this is true balance.

When we create balance in our lives we feel empowered and inspired.

Does balanced living mean that we won’t have days where we feel overwhelm and stress? No. These days will still be present, but we will be better equipped to deal with them.

It’s about simplifying our lives. Are you ready to join me? 

Introducing Balance 2016

This is YogaMamas latest inspiration, but let’s be clear, we’re not coming from a place of finality. We’re coming from a place of exploration. As we sat down over coffee for one of our regular meetings, babes in highchairs beside us, the ideas flying and the list getting longer, it suddenly dawned on us that despite being driven by passion and a desire to share inspiration, we were actually “life forcing”. Life Forcing, you ask? Pushing life just a little too hard. When we asked ourselves the question ‘what do mamas really want?’, we didn’t have to look much further than our own table.

Mamas want permission to do less or rather, to not HAVE to do everything. Often we’re driven by a desire to WANT to do everything, to fit all our own desires and passions into our lives as a new (or seasoned) mum. Sometimes we have to force a little life balance on ourselves.

So, for 2016 we’re not suggesting drastic changes, in fact the complete opposite. Small changes, subtle shifts, sneaking in some space, some room, some ease and flow. And don’t worry, we’re journeying with you, discovering ourselves along the way. Who knows where we might end up!

Your Balance Toolkit

When you decide to live a Balanced life you’ll receive:

  • A Balance Worksheet to set your intentions for 2016 – here you’ll identify the areas of your life where you need balance the most and get some easy suggestions for creating balance on a daily basis
  • Weekly words of inspiration in a quote or affirmation
  • Weekly Balance theme (including pic) you can use to share with your tribe online

We also encourage you to get involved and share your journey with us. Join us on Instagram or Facebook as we continue to provide daily inspo to help you on your way. If you’re joining in the fun don’t forget to hashtag #yogamamas so we can see what you’re up to. We’ll be sharing our own journey and exploration too.

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