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How to create a morning yoga practice

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I hate to judge others mum’s. It’s just not my thing. I believe that we need to wholeheartedly support one another with the understanding that we are all doing the best we can on this crazy ass ride we call Motherhood. There are days when I literally feel like motherhood is like being at an amusement park. Days when I feel like I’m riding the merry-go-round and everything is going great, I feel in flow and my 2.5 year old has kept his tantrums at bay. Life feels pretty amazing on those days. But then there are the days when I feel like I’ve stepped onto the ghost train and I’m being chased by zombie toddlers through my house. These days feel less than amazing.

But as much as I hate to judge other mums, I also don’t jam with mums who offer up advice or suggestions that really only work for them. Let me give you some examples.

“Try to get up before your toddler does and have some time for yourself”
That would work great if my 2.5 year old slept past 4.30am. This not only won’t work for me, but actually stresses me out even more thinking about how the hell I could still function if I got up any earlier.

“If you stay calm, your toddler will too”
I laugh every time I hear this one! Newsflash, calm baby does not always (in actual fact most of the time) equal calm child. They are their own little spirits earth side and whilst they are influenced by our energy, a high vibrating soul will not dim because you do.

Like many mamas, my child doesn’t fit the text book answer. In fact, everything it does say about what your child is ‘supposed’ to do, mine did/does the opposite. So I learnt pretty quickly to stop reading the jargon and start tuning back into my intuition. What was my gut telling me was right in any given moment.

The same is true when you are thinking about how to create a self care practice for yourself and in particular a morning routine to raise your vibration so you can move through your day with greater ease & calm.

You don’t need alone time

Firstly, let’s just dispel the myth that to practice yoga in the morning you have to have quiet, alone time. If like my little man, your child is an early riser, we have to accept that our practice is going to be done in and around their morning routine. This can be challenging at first, especially if you’ve been used to your yoga practice being a time just for you, but with practice, like anything, you’ll get used to it. Don’t let this be a reason not to do it.

Less than 10 mins is all it takes

Now we’re in the right mindset let’s think about how we could carve out 10 mins or less from our morning to incorporate 1-3 things into it that will leave us feeling energised and ready for the day. You could choose one practice for 10 mins or 3 practices at 3 mins each totalling 9 mins.

Here’s a few suggestions to get you started:

(1) Breathing

When we learn to control our breath, we impact our nervous system in profound ways which is critical to finding balance in our days. Here’s a couple of our simple breathing practices you can choose form less than 10-mins.

Relax the Body (5:46)
Witness the Breath (6:17)

(2) Move your Body

Mindful movement will draw you out of the thinking mind and into the feeling of your body. It will get the blood pumping and the release of those positive endorphins. Here’s a couple of our Mini Bursts of Yoga #miniburstsofyoga you could try. Couple a few together if you’re looking for a longer practice.

Fire up the legs with chair pose (1:10)
Sun Salutations Level 1 (2:27)
Cat/Cow – Lengthen the spine (1:41)

Pregnant? awesome. You’ll find all of our prenatal yoga classes here

(3) Gratitude

Gratitude is everything. It helps us cultivate positive emotions and an abundance mindset. A few minutes a day is all it takes. Set your timer and think of 3 things you are grateful for in that very moment. Consider each carefully, feeling into the sensations you experience in your body.
If you want a guided practice we have one here:

5-min guided gratitude practice for mamas (5:00)

Why haven’t we added Meditation? Because unless you’re practicing with your babes, meditation ideally requires you to have some time to yourself. The practices we’ve suggested above can be done with the kids in tow or whilst the chaos unfolds around you ?

These 3 practices could be done together or in silo. You could pick and choose each day what will work best for you based on your morning. Some days you’ll find it easy and other day’s you won’t but that’s life right. Just like #mumlife, we have to eb and flow to find true balance.

3 Suggested 10 Min Practices

(1) Cat/Cow – Lengthen the spine (1:41),Relax the Body (5:46), Gratitude (2 mins)
(2) Sun Salutations Level 1 (2:27),Witness the Breath (6:17)
(3) Fire up the legs with chair pose (1:10),5-min guided gratitude practice for mamas (5:00)

So find yourself some time each morning to practice and notice the difference just 10 mins can make to the rest of your day.

Share with us below in the comments if you have a morning yoga practice and what works best for you! Learning from each other is the best way to support each other.