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Guiding Mamas in the Flow of Life

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It’s probably about time we reintroduced ourselves and explained a little more about what we do.

If you’re not sure who’s behind the brand then… Hi, we’re Andy & Kate!


Since YogaMamas conception almost a year ago, things have ebbed and flowed and evolved with time. Despite this relatively short time in mama business, the face of YogaMamas really has changed quite a bit.

Kate and I met whilst training to be yoga therapists and had an instant connection. I had a keen interest for the pre & postnatal space and Kate for the mama space, so it was a natural link. I began teaching prenatal yoga in the clinic/studio Kate ran with her husband and what started as creating a small prenatal video together soon exploded into so much more.

Feel free to jump over to our bios to find our how we both got started ~ Kate & Andy

Soon after we met we both became pregnant, me to my second babe, Kate to her first. What followed was two very different pregnancy journeys, birth experiences and a whole lota chaos. As two go-getting, busy, entrepreneurial-minded and dare I say “like to be in control” women, the juggle of life proved to be challenging.

Over one of our many brainstorm-over-coffee sessions (babes asleep in their prams…the stars aligned) we decided what we really needed was more balance in our lives. Doesn’t every mama?!

And so our year long Balance Campaign began.

We’ve since created over 50 mini yoga & meditation practices as part of our #minibursts series, several eCourses, online yoga packages for prenatal, postnatal & mamas and our very own YogaMamas App. We have a regular blog, a wonderful community of amazing mamas and so many more ideas it hurts!

So, what is it that we really do again?

We guide mamas in the flow of life using the tools of yoga as our inspiration. 

Our philosophy is simple ~ “Provide you with a holistic, authentic, educated approach to motherhood that is underpinned by the teachings of yoga”.

Strength in MotherhoodWe are passionate about mamas feeling empowered in their our own journey and truly believe that balance (in all shapes and sizes) is possible. So much so that we have dedicated our first year together in biz to helping mums seek out this balance.

So, why is balance so important?

Our other passion and expertise and the backbone to our biz is yoga therapy. This is a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, with centuries of tradition behind it. It takes the idea of yoga one step further by exploring a one-to-one practice with the individual. The aim of yoga therapy is to empower the individual to manage their own health, using a range of practices, including:

  • asana (postures)
  • pranayama (breath awareness & techniques)
  • guided meditation
  • relaxation
  • mudra (gestures)
  • dietary and lifestyle advice
  • counselling and self-development guidance.

Visit our previous blog post if you’re interested to know more about Yoga Therapy?

So, with YogaMamas birth almost a year ago, we are very excited to soon be celebrating our first anniversary as a mama biz! And we’re also excited about the direction we’re taking and having you with us along the journey.

We’ll be ramping things up next month in celebration, so don’t miss the fun!