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Grow into motherhood & move with the seasons [Bonus Spring Yoga Flow]

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Spring Detox Flow

Unlike our children, we may have stopped growing in the physical sense, but as mothers we experience growth every day.

Giving birth to our first child also means giving birth to ourselves, as a Mother. Even though we step into a lead role as if we have played it before, we have not. Some find their feet quickly, others it takes time and for some they will never feel like this was a role they were born to play. Wherever you sit, it’s ok.

As I sit and reflect on almost 2 years of motherhood a sense of contentment swells over me. I remember vividly the day Cobi was born. “I’ve totally got this” I recall saying to myself. But as the days and weeks went on, and sleep deprivation kicked in, so did the self doubt. I would spend countless hours a day questioning if I was a good Mum, asking myself instead “Can I do this?”.

Every day as a mother brings an opportunity for us to listen, learn and grow. It’s the ultimate practice in surrender. Learning to align our energy with our children and letting go of the expectation that they’ll align their’s with ours.

In essence it’s living in flow.

Using the practice of yoga to grow into motherhood

Like motherhood, yoga is a daily practice. The more you practice, the more aligned with your mind, body & soul you become. The easier it is to practice surrender. To release expectations. To live in flow.

“To live an awakened life requires a constant vigilance of the inner workings of our psyche. It requires a deep commitment to a moment-by-moment awareness of our inner emotional tapestry. When we are aware of what is happening on the inside, we become aware of how we create the energy of things on the outside.” Dr Shefali Tsabary

I sit here with a sense of contentment not for what I have achieved or not achieved but that I have committed to a daily practice of surrender and growth. To live in flow.

Move with the seasons

As we move into the warmer months of year here in the Southern Hemisphere (spring) you may begin to feel the shift.

A shift towards new beginnings. With it, comes an opportunity to live in flow. To ride the waves of motherhood. To feel the freedom in saying ‘I’m totally winging it’ and ‘I’ve got this’. To show up in every moment you can and be all there with your shit together or not.

Spring is it mama. A chance to embrace the spirit of renewal. Clear out what no longer serves you and step wholeheartedly into your purpose.

We stand beside you. With you.

As we move toward the spring equinox now is the perfect opportunity to begin a new practice.

Spring equinox is known to many to be one of the most spiritually transformative days of the year. It will fall here in Australia on Thursday 22 September where the day & night will be of equal length – the perfect balance.

As the days get longer we awaken from our winter hibernation to plant the seeds of our intentions for the year ahead. You may be used to setting your intentions at the beginning of a new calendar year but we invite you to consider the power when you work with the natural cycle of the body.

Detoxifying Spring Yoga Flow

To help get you started we’ve created a detoxifying yoga flow for spring practice to help you release built up winter energy leave you feeling light & open.