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Finding Space ~ 5 Minute Meditation for Mamas

Kate Payne Meditation

It’s too easy to get swept up in the chaos of life and start to live moment to moment without a breath.

So, how do we find some space?

Yoga teaches us not only to find length in our breath, but to find space. They say the only moments of true stillness lie in the pauses between our inhale and exhale. It is in this space that the body is truly relaxed and the mind truly still.

When we talk about creating balance, we don’t simply mean balancing one task to the next. We also need to give ourselves room to breath, to experience and to exist. As the saying goes, “when one door closes, another door opens” ~ however, if you leave no room for the door to open and close then how can we grow?

Which each breath you take, you create space around your heart. Close your eyes. Notice. Trust that you choose what enters this space.

~ Liz Lamoreux

This 5 minute meditation for mamas is designed to:

  • Find space in your breath
  • Slow your breath and therefore the internal chatter of you mind
  • Soothe and calm the nervous system
  • Allow space in your body and mind for energy to flow