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Boost your energy with yoga

Energy boosting yogaWe give a lot as mamas. It kind of comes with the territory. But even so it’s often hard to cultivate a practice of conscious giving.

Yin/Yang can loosely be translated as opposite factors. In our daily lives, the Yin is to receive and the Yang is to give.

As mamas, to find internal balance and live in the flow of life, we need both yin & yang. This is not to say that we need equal parts, but simply that both elements must be present.

By spending time in both states of flow, we are able to build awareness of our overall energy system. By understanding this energy system better, we can consciously change the way we flow our energy.

Having a balanced energy system naturally allows for emotional healing, and is important for overall holistic health.

The harmonising of opposite forces is a key aspect of yoga. Hot energy is united with cool energy, strong with soft, and masculine with feminine.
~ Tara Fraser

Yang is characterised by its masculine energy or qualities. As mamas, we can easily switch into yang mode to plough through our to-do lists, daily routines and creative outputs.

But how much of our giving is conscious and not auto-pilot?

Head down, bum up as they say. Get it done. I’ve got shit to do. No time to stop and think. My to-do list is longer than my arm. It’s time to hustle.

Sound familiar? Yep, loud and clear.

All very valid points and I’m all for the hustle, but not at the expense of awareness.

We can still do all of the things we need to do with conscious awareness of our choices. Awareness of actively vs passively giving.

When we live like this, its easy to find inner balance. When we operate for too long on auto-pilot we feel sluggish, our energy feels zapped, our emotions are all over the place and we feel utterly exhausted.

Why a Yin/Yang style yoga practice is the answer?

Get familiar with your energy system through the regular practice of both yin & yang style yoga. Many classes now offer both. A yang style at the beginning and a yin style at the end.  The yang will focus on building strength and stamina, and yin on cultivating release.


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