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Balance your energy

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Have you noticed the negativity surrounding the word balance?

Mentions of it being a ‘myth’, ‘unachievable’, ’negative’, ‘a strive for perfection’ and the like.

Some would even go as far as saying it’s dangerous to teach mamas about finding balance because it adds another layer to our already stressful mum life. #mumlife
Mamahood is busy business. Whether you have one, or multiple babes, the days are filled with to-do lists.

But when did we start thinking that balance meant not being busy?! Or that if we are busy we should forget about finding balance because it just doesn’t exist for busy people.

It’s not about chasing what people call the ‘perfect’ balance where we literally have equals parts forever.

Chasing means forcing and there’s no force in finding  balance.
I’m on a mission to redefine the way mamas view balance by ditching the label and shifting our awareness inwardly.
So what if we stopped calling it balance and started referring to it as homestasis?! Homestasis is the property of a system (in this case life) in which variables (aspects of life) are regulated so that internal conditions (eg our nervous system) remain stable and relatively constant.

A constant state of flux. Boom!

Homestasis isn’t about chasing the elusive – it’s about being comfortable with living in a constant state of flow.

Balance to me is not the same as what it is to you because it’s all about perception.

I love being busy and thrive on juggling many priorities. It’s when I feel I’m at my most creative and life feels for me like there is more ease than force.

But let me pause here and say that this is just one part of balance – the external view. Ultimate balance happens on the inside.
When we focus on balance being about how we feel rather than the things we do.

I’m talking about tapping into our internal energy centre.

Here, the doing comes after the feeling. We do the things that make us feel good. We ditch the things that don’t.

In yoga we call this energy Prana which is a sanskrit word for life force. It’s essentially the energy flow in the body.

Prana enters the body through our breath and is sent to all parts.

So when we are feeling out of balance energetically, we say there is a blockage in Prana.

There have been countless times over the course of my motherhood journey that I’ve needed a rebalance of my internal energy centre.

Despite the many challenges of a high risk pregnancy, emergency c-section, premature baby  & post traumatic stress, I could always draw on my knowledge to connect back to my centre.

Even during my darkest days the light only dimmed but never turned off.

Using the tools of yoga breath work (pranayama) I am able to quickly identify the blockage and work towards clearing it.

We also want you to have this tool, through the gift of yoga.

The following breath practice will help you identify your natural state of energy flow + how to get it back when you feel like you have a blockage.