» » Are we enough as a mother?

Are we enough as a mother?

Are we enough as a mother

Doing enough.

Being enough.

Connected enough.

Grounded enough.

As mama bears, are we being authentic enough?

Have you ever taken a moment to reflect upon what its true meaning is? Let’s reflect together.

‘adequate for the want or need; sufficient for the purpose or to satisfy desire’

We are enough when we say we are. When we live from a place of truth and authenticity. When we show up in the little moments, and the big moments with our hearts open and ready to receive.

Sometimes, I get caught up in the ‘big life questions’ which enviably leads to a feeling of ‘not enough’.

Perhaps that stems from a place of continued self development + growth, perhaps not. It doesn’t actually matter other than for me to bring awareness to it.

What areas of your life do feel like you’re not enough?

Motherhood is a classic ‘not enough’ space to sit in. Especially the early days when the body is healing, sleep deprivation is rife and connection to your soul’s purpose is weakened.

Unfortunately for many of us, myself included, this feeling of ‘not enough’ flows into our motherhood journey and stems from a deep need to connect to authenticity. To our truth. We might have felt those ‘feels’ before, or perhaps it’s new territory.

Either way the good news is that science is now backing up what the yogi’s have known for thousands of years. That yoga (particularly mindful movement, meditation and breathing practices) has the ability to heal the body and the mind. To reconnect us to a state of being where our parasympathetic (rest & restore) and sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous systems dance in harmony with one another.

A regular practice of yoga will have us feeling more energetic (even as a sleep deprived mama), create a sense of ease in our bodies and give us the ability to step into the present moment and out of the thinking mind. Sure there’ll be days when you feel none of these things, that’s part of #mumlife, but even as busy mamas we can still thrive in this modern world.

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