My Story

Hi, I’m Andy, I’m a Sydney born Melbournian, a loving wife and mum of two. A school teacher for 13 years and now a passionate yogi, blogger, photographer, teacher & learner.

I’m a defence brat who married a country boy and we dream of one day living the simple life. A small coastal town, a yoga studio overlooking the beach, open space, kids, pets and a veggie patch. But for now, we’ll run the city rat race and enjoy every second of it!

Clearly I love to learn, but didn’t feel this drive until I hit 30. I feel like I have a second wind in life and I’m running with it.

My passion lies in the journey of pregnancy, I’m fascinated by it. I was fortunate enough to have two wonderful pregnancies, though it was only upon reflection of the first that I realised I loved being pregnant.

They weren’t without their challenges and birthing wasn’t a piece of cake, but I look back with fond memories. I now have a gorgeous daughter and baby son to show for them. What did fascinate me, however, was the vast array of advice, research and opinion surrounding getting pregnant, being pregnant, childbirth and raising children.

I believe in choice, informed choice, but your choice nonetheless. Pregnancy is an incredibly personal thing, you are growing a person inside of you after all, and it’s a brave, crazy, exciting, scary journey! Don’t begrudge the advice people give however, just take it on board with a smile and then choose what you wish to follow.


Andy is a mother of two, yoga teacher and therapist and pre & postnatal specialist. She is the founder of YogaBebe and Co-Founder of YogaMamas.

After 13 years as a secondary school teacher, Andy embarked on the study of yoga to deepen her own practice and find some life-balance. She completed a 500hr teacher training in 2010 and teaches a range of styles and to all ages, from toddlers to adults.

After giving birth to her first child Andy shifted her focus and returned to study and specialise in Pre & Postnatal Yoga and Pilates.

Drawn again by her passion for learning, Andy went on to study Yoga Therapy. Overwhelmed by the powerful effect yoga had on her own experiences of birth and beyond, she loves to share the possibilities with other mamas!