» » LAB #5 Vision boarding, manifestation and energy with Rebecca Grainger

LAB #5 Vision boarding, manifestation and energy with Rebecca Grainger

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Rebecca is an soul coach, career strategist and Reiki Master who blends woo and strategy to support women transition from corporate to motherhood and beyond with confidence, clarity and connection.

She founded Mama Hub to provide holistic support for corporate women to thrive on the working motherhood journey. Our philosophy is to build you up on the inside, so you can achieve what you want on the outside. Our belief is that to thrive, you must nourish your inner world to flourish in your outer world.

As a mother with a career she understands the evolution from career woman to mother to working mother. She’s passionate about empowering women navigate this journey through one-to-one sessions, online programs and group workshops.

She is also one of our feature wellness teachers for the 21 Day Yoga Mamas Challenge kicking off 2 October.

During this soulful conversation we talk about:

  • How she defines self care
  • What it means to ‘do the inner work first’
  • The power of sisterhood
  • How as mamas we can create easy to achieve self care practices
  • Why our energy is the key to how we feel
  • Vision boarding and so much more

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