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5 min yoga nidra meditation for mums

I am a huge fan of meditation. Whether it’s something you do daily as part of your routine or as you feel you need it {like a tool in your personal mama toolbox}.

After I had Cobi I suffered a lot of post traumatic stress following a difficult end of my pregnancy, birth & first few months of being a new mama with a premmie Bebe.

Meditation was my go to. I wasn’t able to meditate each day but when I did it gave me an opportunity to start to connect back to myself.

Each month I’m going to release a 5 min mama meditation designed for different stages of motherhood.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

5 min yoga nidra meditation {the first 6 wks}

This yoga nidra meditation is perfect for your first 6 weeks post birth. During this time the focus is definitely on getting to know your bebe with constant feeding, settling and sleeping patterns being developed. You probably won’t feel like sitting down for a mediation that asks anything more from you than to observe your breath & body. This Yoga Nidra is perfect for just this and can be done right before bed {so you don’t have to carve out any extra time}. Don’t stress if you fall asleep – I say if you do then it’s done its job.