Sangha“An opportunity to connect on a level only ever experienced by women who are given the gift to care for new life, to nurture, learn & to grow”

‘SANGHA’ a yoga term for community

It takes a village to raise a child. The same is true of a mother.

There’s a sense of belonging that every one of us needs to thrive.

The Sangha Facebook community is a sanctuary for mamas to connect, share stories and ask question whilst feeling nurtured and supported on their journey to live from the inside out. It is a collective consciousness as we awaken to our greatest selves as mothers.

You’ll resonate with this group if you’re:

+ a soul centred mama or mama-to-be

+ a believer in the power of community

+ passionate about self care & responsibility

+ believe in living from a place of authenticity & truth

+ wanting to connect with like minded mamas

+ willing to engage in soulful, heart centred conversations with other mamas

‘Come as you are in this moment’. This is a community where you can be your true self and have your light reflected back to you.

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