Bizy Mamas Yoga Kit

We want you to feel empowered that you can have it all and still feel balanced. That being a mum doesn’t have to be about disconnecting with self to get the job done. This kit has been designed by busy mums, for busy mums. This yoga kit includes guided yoga, meditation + breath practices to support you in your motherhood journey.



At home prenatal yoga package

Journey through each trimester. This online prenatal yoga package is designed to build strength and stamina, flexibility and balance; supporting you in the best possible way as you journey through your pregnancy and preparing you for birth and beyond.



At home postnatal yoga package

Designed for the first 6-12 weeks post birth, we start gently and gradually work towards rebuilding your strength. This online postnatal yoga package will guide you through safe practices to rebuild your strength and stability whilst working with the body to combat postural positions we often find ourselves in as mamas.